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tv   Today  NBC  September 7, 2015 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ sunday, sunday >> "sunday fun day" by magic. it's a happy song. it's september 7, labor day. we hope you're not laboring, we are. >> we are laboring but we have a great show for you. fall is on the way. there are all kinds of new movies and books and tv shows and we have our friend tim
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stackable, he's going to tell us what we should and shouldn't be watching. >> we love our stackable. and the kids are back in school so we'll help make the learning more fun with new gadgets. >> who's hear what that? >> steve greenberg. all right. and if you want to be happy, we'll get advice for striking the right work/life balance in all kinds of situations from a mother of eight. she knows best. look at her she's juggling. >> she's on something. that's a joke and a poor one. says most of us are traveling this holiday sunday and monday. >> sometimes people take the extra day and return home on tuesday. >> oh, hoe the wants it. >> how could you not? >> only 16% of people are taking another day. >> so the traffic will be bad tonight, get an early start if you can. hoda, are you a party thrower or
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goer? i'll tell you what that is, you're a goer. >> i'm an attend queee -- i'm n good at throwing parties. no one wants to come to my apartment. my mom and i when we were in rehoboth, i think for the first time we invited people over. >> i was stunned. we all were. and you had a ball. >> we made steaks! >> well, joel did. >> well, my mom did. but we had the woman who runs the fish shop and -- >> the coffee guy. >> everybody came from the grocery store. >> it was nice, right? >> but you throw -- not a good party you throw a great party. >> i love to host parties. frank and i through the years hosted hundreds of them. towards the end of his life we hosted less and less because he just wanted peace and quiet. it was so sweet. he'd sit in our backyard and watch the planes go by. there are three different airports that are -- we're sort
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of the many t middle of and he would go with such contentment on his face, he'd go "there's another one i'm not on." he'd spend his whole life being on planes for football or the olympics or wide world of sports and he'd say "for every one of those there's a hotel on either end and another flight back." the older you get, you just -- you want to just sort of be wherure? well, if you are throwing a get together at your house there is an etiquette expert nameed william hanson who has some notes. let's see if you agree. they say don't -- some people ask everybody what's a good date for you, this friday, the next friday, the friday after. they say pick a date, throw the party -- >> and who court-martialan come. people will be like "i can come on tuesday but i can't come top 4:00." >> don't be vague about when the
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party starts. >> it starts at noon! >> now when you say the party starts at noon, do you like people to show up at noon or are you okay with people showing up 1259:30 or 1:00? >> close. i've been in live television in my entire life. there's no such thing as late. vegas or whatever you have to be ready. you have to understand people -- if it's a picnic you're throwing you say we'll have picnic noon to five. but don't come more than 15 minutes late. it's really rude. >> don't ask guests to take off their shoes when they come to your house. >> you know, i don't that but a lot of people do do it. i'm used to that because of boats. people ask you to take your
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shoes off when you're on a boat. >> what about in someone's home? >> if someone asks know do it i'm happy to oblige. it seems strange when you're dressed up in black tie and they say be barefoot in our evening gown. >> what if you have a bad pedicure or you don't the right socks. >> should have thought about that sooner, hoda. >> well, whatever. >> unless your house is very unique, do not offer a tour. i think if people ask you -- sometimes i'll say to a host "your house so pretty, this room i'm looking at, can i see some of it." >> but don't offer it. that's weird. >> have you ever been to someone's house where they offered? yes. >> i'm trying to think. >> i'm sure you have. >> but i love design and i love homes and i love to see the way people put things together so i would probably say "oh, could any" because i'm just interested in that. i don't throw it in my house anymore because it got so big
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through. the 2-1 years we lived in that house so many additions and -- a tour like that smithsonian now. so many nooks and crannies. i have rooms i don't remember. >> this is a good one. when you get to a party and there's a big table they say that the host should assign seats so that -- when you say "sit wherever you want." everyone's like -- it feels weird, right? >> that i don't agree with. >> why? >> because people get crazy. i want to be seated next to so and so. and they feel like there's a better place to be and i won't be a part of that so i very rarely do it. i'll just say whoever get there is first, sit where you sit. frank sits here, i sit here, everybody else fill in. otherwise they're manipulating the evening and i don't like that. >> sometimes when people do sit you, they sit you next to someone who you don't know. they separate from your date or boyfriend or husband. >> is joel like that? >> joel can talk to anybody. >> i know he can.
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so could frank but frank hated it when we were separated. he goes "why would they do that?" >> because you come to a party together. >> a lot of married people want to be separated. he hated it. i know i'm going home -- well, not anymore but i knew i was going home with him. >> if you are throwing a party -- and we are -- and you have wine glasses and you see people drink their wine and you don't want to keep replacing their glasses with fresh glasses -- >> you'll be washing dishes all night long: >> they give you these little pens. >> wine glass writer so you can write your name. >> washable nontoxic markers that write on the glass and bottles, too, so you can do this and nobody will pick up your glass of wine. >> kind of cool, right? >> yeah. and then you can also keep track of how many glasses you've had. >> by writing numbers, one, two, three, four. >> it's around $10 for a pack of
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three, >> very smart. if you drink red wine -- and i enjoy red -- and you're worried about staining your teeth because red does that, we might have the solution. you have them over there, too. so what happens? you put in the the drink -- i love how joanne and amanda are like "put it in the drink." because we're stupid. [ laughter ] put in the and suck it. >> so it bypasses your teeth? >> yes. >> it goes right down your throat. >> you ged a red esophagus. >> your tongue is red but teeth aren't. they say it works for hot coffee. >> it looks like a specimen thing. >> it's a straw. >> but it looks like one of those spach lum things. i don't like the word -- >> spatulum? >> oh, speculum. whatever. [ laughter ] >> suddenly my wine started not
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tasting so nice. they say it's good for hot drinks, too, i could never drink a hot drink out of -- i like iced tea. >> and a hot drink i'm always anticipating the burn that's coming. >> you know what people do wrong with a wine stem? do you know why the stem is here? that's where you're supposed to hold it. your hands are warm, if you held it like this in no time the heat from your hand goes to the wine so you're supposed to hold it here. >> okay, but a straw does not look classy. >> no, it doesn't. >> a case is for $39.95 at t >> we're going to give it away. five lucky viewers win a special prize. >> but you have to enter once a week. by the way, we thing that we put the -- >> donna dorable is getting a workout now. it's like over 12,000 people are
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signing up now. the prizes are great. >> for complete rules and regulations go to and hit the connect button. >> we have to say that by law. don't miss our favorite things. they are coming up later in the show. >> and today may be the unofficial end of summer but we have something to look forward to. >> your favorite tv shows are coming back plus new series premiers and movies. >> tim stackable. he just came from children's camp. >> so cute. live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number... right now all beds are on sale. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale. save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
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you may be dreading the end of summer but there are a few bright spots with the changing leaves, crisper weather and the great entertainment. >> season premiers, concert tours, new book releases, the next events are jam packed with things that will keep you busy. >> and here is "entertainment weekly" senior writer tim stack whom we very lovely call stackable. hi, stackable, did you have a good summer? >> i did. it's over. agrew i grew a beard for the fall. lumbersexual. >> to keep your cheeks warm. >> that's right. no one else is keeping them warm. >> let's talk tv shows, shall we? >> no, i'd rather talk about his sex life, personally. >> by the way, you look good in a beard. >> thank you. old age. >> no, because you look is boyish with your little high waters and your shirt buttoned to the top. >> so there's a show on nbc called "blind spot." yes, "blind spot.
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jamie alexander plays a woman -- she wakes up in times square in a duffel bag. >> i hate it when that happens. >> right? been there, done that. she's naked and covered in tattoos and basically the government finds out that these tattoos lead them to certain cases and sort of terrorists and all kinds of stuff. >> so they have to solve it by her tattoos? >> yes, so she has to be naked. >> is this nbc? >> this is nbc. >> she can't be that naked. >> she's pretty naked in the pilot. it's really fun. it's a thriller. kind of "blacklisty." but she has like super skills. you find out she has abilities. it's fun. >> so somebody took her and had their way and something going on. >> exactly. and her memory has been erased. >> a great concept. >> "empire" is back and people are pumped about that. >> i was just on the set. >> of course you were: >> i'm name dropping but of course it's back and lucious is in jail, terence howard's character. >> what did he do? >> he was arrested for the
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murder of his cousin -- cookie's cousin bunky. but, yeah, it's back in season two. empire was the biggest story of the year. ma( ris a thome is joining the series, chris rock, ludicrous is on. >> everyone is clamoring to get on that show, right? >> it as a huge hit, it's a great show. taraji is back. >> any other tv shows we should be looking out for? >> "the muppets" is coming. >> post-breakup. >> how will they cope? >> well, she'll be sleeping around, you just know it. i can't wait to see. >> casting couch. and that's good. and then lady gaga is joining "american horror story hotel." >> how is she at acting? >> really good. >> she is? >> i'm not surprised by that at all. >> she was a theater kid. she wanted to be an actress but she was terrible at auditioning, she told me. >> that's not unusual. buck a terrific actor or actress
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but you lose in the auditions. >> she's very good. full throttle, so engaged so it will be exciting. >> let's go to the movies. johnny depp playing whitey bulger. >> in this movie called "black mass." he's unrecognizable who looks just like whitey bulger who was a boston gangster and fbi informant. it's a movie about him. joel edgedgerton, benedict cumberbatch. scott cooper directed the movie. it has great awards buzz. it's like johnny depp going back to a" donnie brasco." so it's him acting again. >> he's almost unrecognizable. when you glance at him you don't realize. jessica chastain, matt damon. what is that? >> "the martian." it's ridley scott, a space movie, ridley scott directed at "alien." matt may don is an astronaut who gets separated from his team of
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astronauts and they think he's dead but he's abandoned on a planet. it's a little like "castaway" meets "gravity" but it's based on a book. matt damon is alone for most of it but it's a big budget thrill ride uh-uh. jessica which is a stain, krist kristin wig. >> let's talk music. one direction? are they still around? >> yes, this is on my ipod because i'm a teenage girl. the fact they're without zane, their single out now. >> i don't know which one is zane. >> zane is not there. there were five before, now there's four. >> what about janet? >> janet jackson is coming back, she has an album. it's been ages. she released a single called "no sleep" and she looks incredible. the woman does not age. yes, it's a big deal she's
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cover with a water block clear bandage from band-aid brand. we're about to make this a memorable monday for one of our admirers. >> it's time to surprise our fan of the week. >> drum roll, please. spin the globe. today it's landed in bangor, maine. >> oh, that's where our fan
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libby kimball watches us own wlbz 2. libby is with us by skype. who do you have with you, libby? >> this is leah and luke and my husband bill. >> what a beautiful family! >> we were going to tell everybody why you were chosen. lib sbi a devoted fan who can't go a day without watching our show. she's dedicated to her four children. >> she just had a baby in may. four kids under seven isn't easy. libby is a thyroid cancer survivor and never let it hold her back. now she lives life to the fullest and enjoys every moment with her beautiful husband. >> libby's husband bill nominated her for fan of the week. he says she deserves it because she's an inspirational woman. >> we sure do, too. we want you to win this! >> i love you! >> thank you! we'll put your fandom to the test. you have 15 seconds and one guess and you have to answer this correctly, okay? here we go. >> we have a lot of great
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contributors on our show. one of our favorites is lieu manfredini. he is our resident at what? hair stylist, handyman or fitness expert? >> handyman! >> yes! libby, you have won a fabulous resort vacation -- >> love the word "resort." >> you and a guest will head to miami's south beech four days, three nights you'll stay at the mondarain south beach. >> you'll receive spa treatments at the august what spa, round trip airfare is included thanks to monoreeian south beach. >> you have to have somebody watch the kids. you and the cute hubby have to go. >> i feel like i'm drinking. >> bye, guys, thanks so much. >> a mom of eight says you can figure it out. right after this.
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so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. everything's fine. of all the things that happen on your wooden surfaces, disinfecting has to be one of them. clorox disinfecting wipes. >> surprise! >> hello, madam!good morning, i ... even though it's labor day -- there's a big traffic mess to good morning. 10:26. i'm kris sanchez on this labor day, a big traffic mess to tell you about and not because of the commute. a southbound 880 connector to that he 238 is shut down because a truck crashed into a power pole, bringing wires dangerously close to the roadway.
10:27 am
pg&e crews are also at the scene in san leandro, working to repair those wires. they say it could be until this afternoon before they reopen the interchange. antioch police are investigating the city's third homicide of the year. they say, last night police found a man who had been shot off carvallo road. that man later died at the hospital. no word on any motive or suspects. and investigators will be at a school in sausalito today, in hopes of figuring out what sparked this overnight fire in an administration building there. the fire started around 7:30 last night at a school district building on the willow creek academy campus. no classrooms were damaged. investigators now looking into whether the fire was set on purpose. and we're going to take a look at your weather forecast coming up right after the break.
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it's going to be really hot today inland, so if you're heading to pacifica, it will be 77 degrees while redwood city sees a high of 90 degrees. 97 in los gatos. the embarcadero, up to 86 degrees. napa, 94. pittsburgh, 97 degrees. san ramon, 95. and pleasanton seeing a high of 98 degrees. and we have a quick programming note. we have pga tour golf, the deutsche bank championship starting at 1:30 right here on nbc bay area. that means no 11:00 news for us. stay up to date by visiting our website, our next newscast is tonight
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after golf, coming up at 5:00. have a great labor day and we'll see you tomorrow. >> announcer: the following is a presentation of nbc sports. it's shaping up into another final round manic monday at the deutsche bank championship just outside boston. in the second leg of the fedexcup playoffs. the final group arriving at tpc boston, a bit differently today. rickie fowler hoping to take a giant leap up the points standings while henrik stenson shoulders his own load in high expectations holding a


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